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Accountability For A Wrongful Death

The grief of losing a loved one is overwhelming and the thought of suing to get justice can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make the process easier to navigate and the burden a little lighter so that you can fight for justice for your loved one.

The experienced attorneys of Logan Vance Sullivan & Kores LLP have represented many clients in wrongful death claims and lawsuits in cases across Connecticut.

Helping Families Recover From The Tangible Losses

We represent clients in all aspects of wrongful death claims including for those who pass away in motor vehicle accidents, negligent homicides, other types of accidents or intentional acts.

While no amount of money will bring someone back to life, or adequately value the life of a human being, the estate of your loved one may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, funeral expenses, and other damages. In addition, under some circumstances including a loss of a spouse or a child’s loss of a parent, you may be entitled to separate relief for loss of consortium (companionship).