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Experienced Support When A Municipality Is At Fault

While state and local municipalities have similar responsibilities for maintaining a safe property, it can be more difficult to hold them accountable when there is an accident. In some cases, they may even be immune from liability. However, there are important exceptions that can help you make a claim.

At Logan, Vance, Sullivan & Kores LLP, we understand that when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries caused by municipal or highway-related incidents, there are unique challenges and roadblocks. Whether it’s an injury on school grounds, a slip-and-fall accident in a municipal building or a motor vehicle collision involving a pursuing police car, victims often find themselves uncompensated due to the complexities of Connecticut’s municipal liability and immunity laws.

Strong Advocacy In A Challenging Time

With our deep understanding of this ever-evolving area of law and our experience in handling numerous cases, including arguing before the Connecticut Supreme Court and testifying before the state General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, we are at the forefront of municipal liability and immunity law. We know that a complete understanding of the nuances and a meticulous approach to pre-trial investigation and pleading can make all the difference between a dismissal and a successful jury verdict.

Additionally, we recognize the statutory obligation of the State of Connecticut and municipalities to maintain safe highways, roads, and walkways. When it comes to cases involving highway defects, we are well-versed in the high hurdles that need to be overcome, including proving that the defect was the sole proximate cause of injury or death. With our experience and knowledge, we can assess the facts and determine if a successful trial outcome is achievable.

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If you or a loved one have been injured due to municipal negligence or highway defects, we are here to support you. Our dedicated team at Logan, Vance, Sullivan & Kores LLP will navigate the complexities of these cases, fighting for the compensation you deserve. To make an appointment for a free consultation in our Torrington office, contact us online or call 860-733-6504.