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We Hold Owners Responsible When Their Animals Bite People

Under Connecticut law, an owner of a dog is strictly liable for any injuries the animal causes to another person. This includes injuries resulting from a bite but also injuries resulting from other behaviors of the animal such as knocking someone down or running into the road and causing an accident.

If you are injured by someone’s dog or other animal, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. While the law is on your side, you likely will need legal help to extract compensation from the owner. The personal injury lawyers of Logan Vance Sullivan & Kores LLP have experience with dog bite claims.

Dog Bites And Attacks By Other Pets Or Wild Animals

Dogs and some other animals, such as horses, wild animals (and inherently dangerous creatures likes some snakes, tigers, wild cats and dogs) have been recognized by the Connecticut courts to be dangerous and an owner can bear responsibility for any injuries it causes.

An inherently dangerous animal is a specific kind of animal recognized by statute or by courts to be wild. Whenever a person keeps such an animal captive, that person becomes responsible for the conduct of the animal if it hurts someone. Inherently dangerous animals in Connecticut include wild animals that are not domesticated. Commonly domesticated animals like pet dogs, cats, and others, are not considered “wild.”

Under Connecticut law, horse owners can be liable if their horse bites someone and the victim can recover damages. Horses are recognized to have a natural inclination to bite. However, unlike dogs, horse owners are not strictly liable for any injuries caused by their horses (or ponies or mules). To establish liability on the owner, the animal must have exhibited behavior that it had a propensity to engage in behavior that caused the injury. Section 52-557s, Connecticut General Statutes.

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