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Holding Property Owners Accountable For Slip-And-Fall Injuries

The possessor of land has certain responsibilities to persons that are invited or permitted onto their land. Businesses, for example, owe a reasonable duty of care to their customers. A business is responsible for clearing ice and snow from parking lots and walkways, and keeping the walkways free of debris and obstacles that could cause a customer to slip and fall.

Similarly, other property owners also owe certain responsibilities to people who come on their premises. For example, a homeowner owes a visitor a duty of reasonable care to warn of defects, and to prevent dangerous conditions from could harm an unassuming guest.

Do You Have A Premises Liability Case?

If you have fallen or misstepped, slipped or tripped, due to the negligence of a landowner or land possessor, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The personal injury lawyers of Logan Vance Sullivan & Kores LLP are well-versed in Connecticut premises liability law.

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